Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Obama or Real Housewives? What am I going to do? Watch the housewives bitch at each other on the "Tell All" special and then read about Obama's speech tomorrow.

This is where things get tricky: I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef; however, I am an ever bigger fan of college basketball, the Maryland Terps in particular. I heart Fabio and am royally pissed that he had to go home. Now who is going to reassure me that "This is not Top Scallop!" and charm me. Yet I live and breathe Terps basketball. My TV watching schedule revolves around games. I only cover myself with a Terps blanket during the season. I even put off a much needed nap on Saturday to watch them kick North Carolina's ass in overtime. I don't drink while watching games because they deserve my full attention. Did you see that??? I don't drink during Terps games. Now that is two occasions I don't drink (first one is anything kid related). The biggest game of our year is tomorrow night, us vs. Duke.

Fear the Turtle!!!

If you know anything about college b-ball, you know that Duke is a powerhouse. Coach K is truly awesome, but growing up in Maryland has taught me two things: Duke really is the devil (a blue one at that) and crabs are the most delicious things ever. Duke is somewhat of a rival for us. We have been in playoff contention so many times yet have had our hopes crushed in their hands. As soon as we think we have a shot they come and snatch it like the assholes that they are. Sure we have won our fair share of games against them, but it's the ones that hurt us the most that we remember.

The dilemma is this: watch the Top Chef finale or the Terps game? The game starts at 9, Top Chef at 10. I simply cannot stop watching the game after investing an hour in it, yet I can not miss one second of TC. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? I may break my rule and drink to deal with the stress.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Iron Man Has Arrived

I don't know where he gets it from, but the kid thinks that he is awesome and good looking. He looks like my man 100%, yet my man doesn't act like that. The kid may hear me tell everyone that I am freaking awesome and may also hear my announcements of great hair days. I have great hair, get over it.

Anyways, today is pajama day at school. He insisted on wearing his Iron Man pajamas but not the robe that goes with it. He wears the robe all over the house and I swear he looks like mini Hugh Hefner, it's quite adorable.

So he gets himself dressed this morning and comes into my bedroom and says "Well?" with his hands extended out. I tell him he looks cute and he then says "I do, don't I?" and leaves the room. We are leaving the house and turns to me and says "Don't I look cute with my light up sneakers and my pajamas? The kids are going to love it!" Okay, now he is getting on my nerves.

We arrive at school, he changes into his slippers and marches into his classroom. Upon entering, he stops so everyone can look at him and compliment him on his look. As I am telling him goodbye, he tells me this: "You know, sunglasses would have been awesome with this look."

At least he is me on the inside. : )

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Know You're Crafty

As you have read, I am walking 60 miles to try to help cure breast cancer. My friend and I are forming a team so we can do group fundraising like guest bartend and all that kind of stuff. The problem is we don't have a team name.

I know you are all crafty wordsmiths, so please, give me some ideas for a team name. Examples of some team names already taken are "Hakuna Ma Ta-Tas," "Boob-A-Licious," and "Second Base Beauties," you get the point. Make it as funny as possible, we want people to remember us!

Once I get a few names, I will have a poll as to which name you all like the best.

And since I haven't really posted anything about whats going on with me, just know this, I am in accounting and it is tax season. Enough said. Vodka has been consumed nightly. So for now, enjoy one of my favorite Conan bits. And sorry if I offended any Star Wars fans.

Monday, February 16, 2009

They're Real And They're Spectacular!

So would you help me save them?

As you may have seen from my earlier post, I am participating in a 60 mile walk. It's over 3 days in Washington DC for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. My goal is to raise $2,300 (the minimum) but I would like to exceed it if possible. If you would like to donate, please click my widget on the left. (Ha ha! You get to click my widget!!!)

I know times are tough with this shitty economy and all, but even if you donate $1, you are doing something. My man's grandmother and aunt both lost their battles with breast cancer a few months apart. His grandmother had it twice, and his aunt lived with it for over 20 years, so this is something very near and dear to my heart. Everyone that I know, knows at least one person affected by breast cancer, whether it is a family member, friend or coworker. So please help me in this fight to find a cure for this horrible disease.

The walk isn't until October so there is plenty of time to make a donation. If you would like to, you can make the donation in memory of or in honor of somebody you know. And to show that I mean business, I will wear a pink ribbon on my shirt for every person that donates in honor or in memory of someone. I will write their name on a ribbon and wear it proud.

So get to clickin that widget!!! If you would like to make a donation but want to make it over time, you can spread your donation out to four monthly payments to a credit card.

Thank you in advance for all of you that will be supporting me. I am sure I will be bitching over the next few weeks as I start training. This week I am supposed to walk 3 miles a day, wish me luck!

I know...

...that I have been gone for a week. Updates to come later today. Here's a preview: had my 7 year anniversary where many drinks were consumed, registered for a 60 mile walk (yes 60 freaking miles), diets suck, and the weird shower family is back.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crazy or Stink?

My man and I were talking in the living room last night when we hear "MOMMY!!!! GET IN HERE QUICK!!!!! HURRRRRYYYYYY!!!"

Immediately I run in there because usually the kid is a calm individual. I get in there and he pulls me down so he can whisper something to me. "Look in my closet." I look in, see nothing. "Look in the corner Mommy! It's so creepy!" I look again. Nothing. I ask him what has him so creeped out. With a concerned look he says:

"Elmo is giving me the stink eye and I don't like it. It's creeping me out and I am not a fan."

Welcome to my world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What time is it?

It's head cold time! Since I posted those pics last week of our snow storm, mother nature played a cruel trick on us here is the Mid-Atlantic. Last Thursday it was 29 degrees, Sunday and yesterday it got up to 58. WTF! Now as I type this, I have to keep taking breaks so I wont sneeze on my computer. It's horrible because they come out of no where and are violently strong.

On the up side, while the weekend was gorgeous, I took the little man for his swim lesson and he rocked it! Now he can go underwater to pick up the rings (this is huge progress for him considering he hates dunking his head while bathing). While we were watching his lesson, my man and I noticed something quite odd.

The class that was before little man's was done by 15 minutes when we noticed a family hanging out at the rinse off showers at the end of the room, conveniently at the end my son has his lesson. Normal people go there to get the chlorine off then proceed on their merry way. Not this family.

The family consisted of a mother and her three kids which I am guessing their ages to be 12, 8 and 3. We are watching little mans lesson and look over to the 3 year old being bathed at the showers. Bathed. In full view of everyone. The mother had a basket of body wash, loofahs, shampoo, you know, stuff for a shower inside a curtain. But did she care? Nope.

Normally I dont mind naked kids, it's a pool, it happens, but I do mind her washing her sons ass crack in front of me. Like bend over and let me get in there to scrub kind of washing. There are locker rooms with showers and her little boy can go in there since he is under the age of 6. She should have washed his ass in there. Oh, and while we are on the topic of asses, she washed hers there too along with other things down there. She tried to fool us by sticking her hands in her shorts to conceal this, but when there are open observation windows all around plus wet shorts that stick to everything, it's kind of hard to hide that.