Monday, February 16, 2009

They're Real And They're Spectacular!

So would you help me save them?

As you may have seen from my earlier post, I am participating in a 60 mile walk. It's over 3 days in Washington DC for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. My goal is to raise $2,300 (the minimum) but I would like to exceed it if possible. If you would like to donate, please click my widget on the left. (Ha ha! You get to click my widget!!!)

I know times are tough with this shitty economy and all, but even if you donate $1, you are doing something. My man's grandmother and aunt both lost their battles with breast cancer a few months apart. His grandmother had it twice, and his aunt lived with it for over 20 years, so this is something very near and dear to my heart. Everyone that I know, knows at least one person affected by breast cancer, whether it is a family member, friend or coworker. So please help me in this fight to find a cure for this horrible disease.

The walk isn't until October so there is plenty of time to make a donation. If you would like to, you can make the donation in memory of or in honor of somebody you know. And to show that I mean business, I will wear a pink ribbon on my shirt for every person that donates in honor or in memory of someone. I will write their name on a ribbon and wear it proud.

So get to clickin that widget!!! If you would like to make a donation but want to make it over time, you can spread your donation out to four monthly payments to a credit card.

Thank you in advance for all of you that will be supporting me. I am sure I will be bitching over the next few weeks as I start training. This week I am supposed to walk 3 miles a day, wish me luck!


Sass said...

Hey there. Found you through the King of New York Hacks site.

The first thing I saw was your 3-day walk...I did that in 2002, I believe. From Kenosha, WI to Chicago.

It was a life-changing experience. Thanks for doing it!

And yes, I'll click your widget. lol. ;)

Sass said...

That first comment would be ME. Apparently you could refer to me as a real "dumb sass."

If you're interested, my blog is associated with THIS profile. lol.

Smartass Milf said...

Sass - I couldn't find your blog, help me!!!

King of New York Hacks said...

Can I donate via Check or Money order ? Great cause and effort that you WILL achieve. Truly , it will be a life experience you will never forget. My hand is extended to yours as I send Honks from my taxi and will encourage more people to visit your site and cause. Prayers being sent your way as well.