Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Obama or Real Housewives? What am I going to do? Watch the housewives bitch at each other on the "Tell All" special and then read about Obama's speech tomorrow.

This is where things get tricky: I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef; however, I am an ever bigger fan of college basketball, the Maryland Terps in particular. I heart Fabio and am royally pissed that he had to go home. Now who is going to reassure me that "This is not Top Scallop!" and charm me. Yet I live and breathe Terps basketball. My TV watching schedule revolves around games. I only cover myself with a Terps blanket during the season. I even put off a much needed nap on Saturday to watch them kick North Carolina's ass in overtime. I don't drink while watching games because they deserve my full attention. Did you see that??? I don't drink during Terps games. Now that is two occasions I don't drink (first one is anything kid related). The biggest game of our year is tomorrow night, us vs. Duke.

Fear the Turtle!!!

If you know anything about college b-ball, you know that Duke is a powerhouse. Coach K is truly awesome, but growing up in Maryland has taught me two things: Duke really is the devil (a blue one at that) and crabs are the most delicious things ever. Duke is somewhat of a rival for us. We have been in playoff contention so many times yet have had our hopes crushed in their hands. As soon as we think we have a shot they come and snatch it like the assholes that they are. Sure we have won our fair share of games against them, but it's the ones that hurt us the most that we remember.

The dilemma is this: watch the Top Chef finale or the Terps game? The game starts at 9, Top Chef at 10. I simply cannot stop watching the game after investing an hour in it, yet I can not miss one second of TC. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? I may break my rule and drink to deal with the stress.

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Anonymous said...

Oh this would be a time for TiVo. I also don't have the lovely recording option so I feel your pain. I've never seen Top Chef, since I don't have cable/sat, but I hear it's great from EVERYONE else :) Good luck! Tell us what happens and your decision. Oh, and how much you decided to drink.