Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tropical storms...why they suck

So here I sit in my cozy abode on a rainy Saturday courtesy of a tropical storm, conveniently being called a Nor'easter by the kind folks at the Weather Channel. The house is sparkling clean, to the point where you could eat off of any surface, there's some good stuff on TV (CSI, chick flix, you name it), so I should be happy right? WRONG!!!!! I would be happy if today was the only rainy day, but no, it's been raining since Thursday. THURSDAY!!!! That is why my house is dangerously clean (well, except for laundry. I hate folding it.) I know that I have tons of other projects I could be doing in here like organizing my closet, getting rid of some of little man's clothes that are too small, painting the bedroom...lots of things. What am I doing you may ask??? Drinking beer and hanging out with the guys in the garage. Why? I really want to be out of the house in the worst way. It's raining nonstop and I just really can not stand to be in the house anymore. It's not cold out, a cool 70 degrees, and I figured I would enjoy this last warm rainy day while I could. Winter in right around the corner and then I will really be stuck inside when it rains.

One funny story to leave you with. My man called me Corky the other night, like Corky the kid with Downs Syndrome from Life Goes On. He tried telling me that some people eat dogs in Mexico, I said no way because that is just gross. I said that every time you see pictures of Mexico outside of all the resorts, you see rail thin dogs wandering the streets. He said that they were the smart ones. So I did some research and turns out that dogs are eaten in Mexico. He said that they probably taste like chicken since everything tastes like chicken or could be made to taste like it. I said I could name something that didn't, he wanted to bet me I couldn't. So a bet was made, wont say what it was, just that one was made. So when he asked and I quote "Okay Corky, what is the one thing that doesn't or cant be made to taste like chicken?"

My reply: "Beef. Who's Corky now???"

Game, set and match!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brett Who? and a Sick Kid

I will just put it right out there. I am a Green Bay Packers fan. Phew! I feel better now. You may ask "Why the Packers? You are from Baltimore! Get it together Milf!" Truth is, Brett Favre. We didn't have a team for a while here in Baltimore, so I chose to follow the mighty Favre. Then when we finally got the Ravens, I still didn't want to part from my beloved Pack. Plus, Ravens fans are NUTS! Well, not all of them, half of my friends are Ravens fans. But if you have ever experienced a Ravens game on their home turf, you know the fans I am talking about. Purple camo, purple everything and obnoxious as hell, especially if the team is winning. They do not know how to win graciously, or to accept defeat. So from now until the Super Bowl, I will have to hear all of the gloating or complaints from everyone and their mother.

What really got me to hate the Ravens is a story about my man taking his cousin to a game. My man and his entire family are Steelers fans, born and bred in PA. So my man takes his 13 year old cousin to a Steelers/Ravens game down in Baltimore for his birthday. He thought it would be a great experience for his cousins birthday since they had great seats and he got to get out of his small little town for a while. So while at the game, Steelers score. His cousin gets out his Terrible Towel and starts waving it in celebration. Some bitter 55 year old jackass sitting behind them ripped the Terrible Towel out of his hands and told him that if he did that again then there would be some serious problems. Who does that to a 13 year old boy??? Needless to say that guy got a lesson in speaking to a child like that, but still, it's the principle of the matter. I know it only took one jackass to ruin a team for me and there are probably fans like that with every team, but it just gave me a sour taste and ruined the Ravens for me. Since then I have run into quite a few people like that guy which confirmed my feelings about the Ravens.

Oh yeah, the Packers. I love the Packers even though Favre decided to retire and then weasel his way back. Yeah, yeah, I know he is a future hall of famer and all that crap but he made the decision to have a press conference and cry while announcing his retirement. I'm not even getting into how I really feel about the situation but I did not like the way things were handled on his end. So, naturally I had hope that my Pack would win last night and at least look decent doing it. And they did. And they looked great. Suck on that Favre!!!

I digress, on to something else. I have a sick kid. It sucks. Double ear infection, fever, sniffles, allergic to amoxicillin (it's not fun trying to get a different antibiotic). So he is with the mother in law today and I called him to see how he was doing. His answer: "Mommy, I feel sooooooooo much better. I'm feeling so good that I decided to play the acoustic in my room for the girls!" Acoustic = guitar, girls = dogs. I'm glad my son at least has an audience, even if they are dogs.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Bad/End of Summer

Okay, I know i haven't posted anything in a while. The bad part is that I didn't realize it until I was laying in bed last night. To make a long story short, the past few weeks involved me going to the dentist and doctor a lot due to the need to have a tooth pulled and a wicked sinus infection. Needless to say that these things did not inspire me to post anything. With that said, let's move on.

This summer had to have been one of the best. Even with a totalled truck while on vacation, this summer rocked! Here is a list of my fave moments:

1. Saw DMB at Hershey and they totally jammed for almost 3 hours. (This was the second to last concert for LeRoi, the beloved horn player for the bad. RIP!)

2. Spent a whole week at the lake in Canada. Time was mostly spent in a hammock, adirondack chair or on the dock reading when I wasn't floating in the lake in the perfect 82 degree weather (without humidity).

3. While in Canada, attended my fourth Bluesfest in Ottawa and rocked out to Lucinda Williams. She always puts on a great show!

4. The little man turned four this year and is just so full of life. He makes me forget about any problem that may be bothering me. Oh, and he loves Neil Young and Dave Matthews. Yes, I know, my kid ROCKS!

5. My man competed his Jeep this year up in PA and is kicking ass, the series concludes next weekend and hopefully he will win the whole thing.

6. My neighbor found out she is pregnant, though her sister is too. I will not be drinking the water over there.

7. My man and I really fell in love all over again. Corny to say? Yes, but when you have been together over 6 years it's still amazing that we love each other as much as we do and still find new reasons why.

8. Lost some weight over the summer which motivated me to keep going. I will post updates weekly.

While I was sick/in need of dental care, I spent a lot of time with my TV. I discovered that I secretly love "What Not To Wear" and the fact that it comes on everyday is awesome! I am also an "Intervention" addict. That show is crazy good and makes Monday night that much better. I also think that Netflix is the best invention ever!!! How amazing is it that for less than $20/month I can watch anything I want without going anywhere. I like to think that I am doing my part in being green since I no longer have to drive to Blockbuster.

Yes, I know all of the conventions happened. I just dont want to comment on them. Though I will say this: Nice ring finger tattoo LEVI! Nothing says class more.