Friday, September 5, 2008

My Bad/End of Summer

Okay, I know i haven't posted anything in a while. The bad part is that I didn't realize it until I was laying in bed last night. To make a long story short, the past few weeks involved me going to the dentist and doctor a lot due to the need to have a tooth pulled and a wicked sinus infection. Needless to say that these things did not inspire me to post anything. With that said, let's move on.

This summer had to have been one of the best. Even with a totalled truck while on vacation, this summer rocked! Here is a list of my fave moments:

1. Saw DMB at Hershey and they totally jammed for almost 3 hours. (This was the second to last concert for LeRoi, the beloved horn player for the bad. RIP!)

2. Spent a whole week at the lake in Canada. Time was mostly spent in a hammock, adirondack chair or on the dock reading when I wasn't floating in the lake in the perfect 82 degree weather (without humidity).

3. While in Canada, attended my fourth Bluesfest in Ottawa and rocked out to Lucinda Williams. She always puts on a great show!

4. The little man turned four this year and is just so full of life. He makes me forget about any problem that may be bothering me. Oh, and he loves Neil Young and Dave Matthews. Yes, I know, my kid ROCKS!

5. My man competed his Jeep this year up in PA and is kicking ass, the series concludes next weekend and hopefully he will win the whole thing.

6. My neighbor found out she is pregnant, though her sister is too. I will not be drinking the water over there.

7. My man and I really fell in love all over again. Corny to say? Yes, but when you have been together over 6 years it's still amazing that we love each other as much as we do and still find new reasons why.

8. Lost some weight over the summer which motivated me to keep going. I will post updates weekly.

While I was sick/in need of dental care, I spent a lot of time with my TV. I discovered that I secretly love "What Not To Wear" and the fact that it comes on everyday is awesome! I am also an "Intervention" addict. That show is crazy good and makes Monday night that much better. I also think that Netflix is the best invention ever!!! How amazing is it that for less than $20/month I can watch anything I want without going anywhere. I like to think that I am doing my part in being green since I no longer have to drive to Blockbuster.

Yes, I know all of the conventions happened. I just dont want to comment on them. Though I will say this: Nice ring finger tattoo LEVI! Nothing says class more.

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