Friday, August 1, 2008

Crocs - They need to GO AWAY!!!

Many of you know of my intense hatred for Crocs. I think that they are the ugliest things ever created. Yes, I hate them more than toe socks (though, toe socks are the DUMBEST thing). I know people have a love for them like nothing else because they are "so comfortable" but really, who are we kidding? Those people are jumping on the bandwagon. Isn't fashionable footwear supposed to hurt a little? Especially the adorable shoes you had to have to match the dress you had to have. Isn't there a saying that "pain is beauty"? I don't need to see one more thirty-something soccer mom dressed in khakis, polo and matching Crocs. I just don't. It's summer, wear flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes (sneakers for those up north), just don't wear Crocs. They look ridiculous, like if you wore bowling shoes or clown shoes to match your outfit, but you wouldn't do that because that is just ludicrous. My point is this: STOP BUYING THEM, STOP WEARING THEM and more important STOP PUTTING THINGS IN THE HOLES TO "ACCESSORIZE." Even the new "modern" Crocs suck. Please, why would I buy a pair of heels that are made by Crocs? Yes, they make a pair of heels now, you can check their site.

Having said all of this, my son has two pairs. This makes me sound like a hypocrite, but I assure you that I was not there when they were bought and I had a royal fit when I spotted them on his feet. My man and I don't like our child looking like a dork, plus they are turquoise! Of all colors he owns the brightest ones next to pink. They are a pain. He goes to daycare and when he comes home and takes them off, I have to wash his feet immediately because the dirt gets everywhere inside of the Crocs. The tops of his feet look like ladybugs from where the dirt came in the holes. It's disgusting.

So please, don't get all negative on me, this is just an opinion. And whatever you do, please do not try to justify wearing them in public. If you must wear them, do so in YOUR garden or home and no where else.


Hayley Lumb said...

You should check these out! There almost worse than Crocs!

Anonymous said...

I don't own Crocs. They are ugly-I'll agree with you on that. But their flip flops are so comfy and don't look like Crocs at all. I wear them everyday :)