Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tropical storms...why they suck

So here I sit in my cozy abode on a rainy Saturday courtesy of a tropical storm, conveniently being called a Nor'easter by the kind folks at the Weather Channel. The house is sparkling clean, to the point where you could eat off of any surface, there's some good stuff on TV (CSI, chick flix, you name it), so I should be happy right? WRONG!!!!! I would be happy if today was the only rainy day, but no, it's been raining since Thursday. THURSDAY!!!! That is why my house is dangerously clean (well, except for laundry. I hate folding it.) I know that I have tons of other projects I could be doing in here like organizing my closet, getting rid of some of little man's clothes that are too small, painting the bedroom...lots of things. What am I doing you may ask??? Drinking beer and hanging out with the guys in the garage. Why? I really want to be out of the house in the worst way. It's raining nonstop and I just really can not stand to be in the house anymore. It's not cold out, a cool 70 degrees, and I figured I would enjoy this last warm rainy day while I could. Winter in right around the corner and then I will really be stuck inside when it rains.

One funny story to leave you with. My man called me Corky the other night, like Corky the kid with Downs Syndrome from Life Goes On. He tried telling me that some people eat dogs in Mexico, I said no way because that is just gross. I said that every time you see pictures of Mexico outside of all the resorts, you see rail thin dogs wandering the streets. He said that they were the smart ones. So I did some research and turns out that dogs are eaten in Mexico. He said that they probably taste like chicken since everything tastes like chicken or could be made to taste like it. I said I could name something that didn't, he wanted to bet me I couldn't. So a bet was made, wont say what it was, just that one was made. So when he asked and I quote "Okay Corky, what is the one thing that doesn't or cant be made to taste like chicken?"

My reply: "Beef. Who's Corky now???"

Game, set and match!

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