Thursday, October 2, 2008

To Each His Own

Last night I was watching the big ole TV waiting for my brain to get sleepy. It was around 10 that I flipped over to TLC and that family with the 17 or 18 kids was on. The reason they have all of these kids is because they are super religious and that they believe each child is a blessing from God. I agree that children are no doubt a blessing, but so is the pill.

Turns out that the oldest one is getting married to a girl he met a couple of years ago at a conference for home schooled kids. They have been going out for I think two years now give or take. Seems like they are in love but...they have not even KISSED!!! How can you be with someone for over two years and not kiss that person??? Both of their parents believe that all of their children's first kisses should be at the altar on their wedding day. Who does that?

All this poor couple do is hold hands and hug if they are allowed to. They are 20 years old and have to have a chaperon on their dates, even if the two of them just to run to the store for some milk. The chaperon can be one of the younger siblings or a parent. I don't know about you, but when I was in high school I sure as hell didn't want a chaperon of any type, even if it was to really run to the store real quick. The whole thing is just crazy to me. How are they supposed to live in the real world? What will happen after college one of them wants to be a biochemical engineer? Or a personal trainer? Do they know that men (and women) walk around naked in the locker rooms? I could never be like them, but what they do makes them happy. I guess to each his own then.


jennster said...

all i know is that the pill being a blessing from god made me spit out water i'm fucking laughing so hard. :)

Agent Elle said...

I'm baffled. I really am.