Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm such a slacker...

Okay, no pics of the beer bottle costume because my camera died. I will see if I can get one from one of the people there. I will tell you that my friend and I each took out singles and he danced in the costume. I believe the dances that were done were: the sprinkler, running man, disco, cabbage patch and an attempt at the worm. Notice I only said attempt. After a few beers the worm is not the greatest idea.

I did however go camping last weekend for a charity off road day in the Jeep. Crawl for the Cure was awesome and our group came in second for total funds raised. A big thank you goes out to all of you that support any cause you see worthy! Hopefully one day there won't be any diseases or cancer.

Sorry my posts have been sparse lately, I am such a slacker. It also didn't help that we have had crazy deadlines here at work, which is really the reason why I have not posted anything in a while.

I almost forgot, I possibly made a love connection at the party I threw. I invited my newly single BFF and my best guy friend and they totally hit it off. Since then they have gone out on a couple of dates!!! YAY ME!

Since both of them are basically made for each other, I knew that they would try to pull some prank the day after their first date. She tried telling me that instead of going to a restaurant for dinner, he took her to Quizno's. I would have believed it if they both weren't emailing me all day with the exact same questions two minutes apart. Amateurs.

I literally got this from her at 2:13, "should I give him a chance to redeem himself? He seems like a really great guy!" and then this from him at 2:17, "do you think that there is any way I can redeem myself? You know I am a great guy and normally would not have done anything like that, money's just tight right now." I didn't let them know that I knew what was going on, I played into it just to see what other cheesy lines I could pull from them.

So after 7 that night she calls me with him on 3-way and says she has a confession. So I said "Oh, you mean the one about him not really taking you to Quizno's? Yeah, I know. Next time both of you shouldn't email me with the exact same lines." They were pissed that I knew but half expected it. I mean, who do they think they are kidding?

Nice try bitches!!!

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Saw your post on the It's always sunny page and thought I'd check out the blog - good stuff!!!