Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. The kid is going as Top Gun. Complete with helmet, jumpsuit and light up Skechers. When he is wearing the helmet or the jumpsuit, you can only address him as Top Gun.

I would also like to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to my dear friend, The Whore. I now have to put OLD in front of Whore when addressing her. May she celebrate with a glass of wine with dinner and six more for breakfast. She has been busting her ass in nursing school and is doing awesome - straight A's bitches!!! I am so proud of her even though school is taking up all of our together time, and by together time I mean drinking time. Happy Birthday you OLD WHORE!!! May you have the best first annual 29th birthday EVER!!!


amyz5 said...

hi. had to take a visit after i saw your comment at balancing act.

LOVE the blog name

Miles said...

Happy birthday old whore! That's fun to say. Does Top Gun refer to himself in the third person? "Top Gun wants candy!"

Matt said...

I just think its awesome you gave your friend a blog name of The Whore.

Smartass Milf said...

Happy Birthday Old Whore does roll off of the tongue quite nicely. Whenever we talk to each other on the phone we answer "Hi Whore" (her name) and "Hey Slut" (mine).