Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Know You're Crafty

As you have read, I am walking 60 miles to try to help cure breast cancer. My friend and I are forming a team so we can do group fundraising like guest bartend and all that kind of stuff. The problem is we don't have a team name.

I know you are all crafty wordsmiths, so please, give me some ideas for a team name. Examples of some team names already taken are "Hakuna Ma Ta-Tas," "Boob-A-Licious," and "Second Base Beauties," you get the point. Make it as funny as possible, we want people to remember us!

Once I get a few names, I will have a poll as to which name you all like the best.

And since I haven't really posted anything about whats going on with me, just know this, I am in accounting and it is tax season. Enough said. Vodka has been consumed nightly. So for now, enjoy one of my favorite Conan bits. And sorry if I offended any Star Wars fans.

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