Friday, February 20, 2009

Iron Man Has Arrived

I don't know where he gets it from, but the kid thinks that he is awesome and good looking. He looks like my man 100%, yet my man doesn't act like that. The kid may hear me tell everyone that I am freaking awesome and may also hear my announcements of great hair days. I have great hair, get over it.

Anyways, today is pajama day at school. He insisted on wearing his Iron Man pajamas but not the robe that goes with it. He wears the robe all over the house and I swear he looks like mini Hugh Hefner, it's quite adorable.

So he gets himself dressed this morning and comes into my bedroom and says "Well?" with his hands extended out. I tell him he looks cute and he then says "I do, don't I?" and leaves the room. We are leaving the house and turns to me and says "Don't I look cute with my light up sneakers and my pajamas? The kids are going to love it!" Okay, now he is getting on my nerves.

We arrive at school, he changes into his slippers and marches into his classroom. Upon entering, he stops so everyone can look at him and compliment him on his look. As I am telling him goodbye, he tells me this: "You know, sunglasses would have been awesome with this look."

At least he is me on the inside. : )

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Anonymous said...

OMG That is adorable! You are going to have a well dressed boy down the road. Got a stick to beat the girls off?