Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad Monday

You know Monday is bad when you decide that cake with a side of Doritos is a perfectly good breakfast. Lunch was BLT with jalapeno cheetos, Dinner was a chicken pot pie with a beer. It was a rough day needless to say.

Well, my man left for the South on Sunday morning and won't be home until Saturday night. It turns out that I am hosting a full on Super Bowl party (GO STEELERS!!!) so this week I am trying to get the house super clean and organized. That way I can rearrange the living room so I have enough seating for everyone. Who knows if I will or not, I have a feeling some people might be standing.

Here in B-More we now have a Winter Storm Warning. They are saying anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow then some freezing rain on top of that. And of course I had to go to the grocery store like all of the other crazy people to stock up. Why do I always run out of food right before snow comes? Mother nature has a cruel sense of humor.

Oh, I did finally get Dance Dance Revolution for the 360 so you know I will be trying that tonight. I figured it would be cardio I could do at home and to make it more fun. I am getting burned out on the DVD's and it is too cold to run outside this time of year. Wish me luck!

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