Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness + Tax Season = Stress Drinking

I am borderline obsessed with college basketball. March Madness is the greatest time of year for me. My man loves football like it's his job, and doesn't get how I can watch basketball for hours on end. I tried to tell him that it is pretty easy, especially with alcohol involved. But then there are the times that I have entered bracket pools and the teams I have picked either lose, or play the closest game EVER. When this happens, I tend to drink more, and by more, I mean that the drinks suddenly become more vodka, less mixer.

Like for instance, if I was drinking right now, I would be having about 3 shots to cope with UCLA's lack of skills. (It's 11-23 Villanova as I type this) When this happens, I tend to say fuck a lot more than normal, which means that I say fuck every other word instead of every third. It is also the middle of tax season and work is insane.

Oh, and my son has taken it upon himself to speak with a British accent. Conversations have been quite interesting around here.

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King of New York Hacks said...

The old British accent has arrived eh ? Maybe too much Beatles or Rolling Stones playing during the NCAA games ? If I drink Vodka I speak many accents. LOL