Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lily Allen Is My Alter Ego

I think Lily Allen and I were seperated at birth. Here are the reasons why:

1. We both drink, a lot, when partying.
2. We both swear like sailors.
3. I too have wanted to tell Elton John to fuck off (him, not his music), she just got the opportunity.
4. We both look smoking hot when thin.
5. When plumper we still look totally cute.
6. I watch BBC America nonstop, I feel that she does this while in the states.
7. I too would start something with Katy Perry, that girl is just so fucking annoying. You kissed a girl, get over it.
8. Her song "The Fear" is everything I say out loud anyways.
9. She seems snarky and bitchy and I have been known to be both at times.
10. I think since I watch so much BBC, that maybe I am secretly British or belong there.

Or maybe I am just a smartass who likes anything with alcohol, speaks her mind and likes British comedies. Who knows.

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