Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I have YET to finish my book

And the reasons are: Celebrity Rehab, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Intervention On Demand and laundry that seems never ending. Let's discuss these ridiculous shows shall we...

1. Celebrity Rehab: Gary Busey is fucking fantastically looney and I love it!!!! He thinks he is there to be a helper/counselor like what Dr. Drew is. That alone just cracks me up. He repeats that he is a "participant" over and over again because that is what it says on his contract. Umm, HELLO!!!! You are a "participant" in a group rehab facility dumbass. The other sad story is the model who was addicted to opiates because her mother turned them on to her. Of course Rodney King is there, he's just an alcoholic though so he is less interesting to me. And there is an American Idol reject, she too did drugs with her mom. But do you know who else is there??? Tawny Kitean!!! Plastic surgery has happened but I am warming up to her since she had something horrible happen to her and never told a soul. Check this out to see how crazy Gary Busey is:

2. Real Housewives of Atlanta: Okay, none of these girls will hold a place in my heart like the original OC gals, but they are super bitchy and I love it!!! But let's talk about Kim. She is my favorite on the show. She just doesn't give a flying fuck how she portrays herself and I love her for that! Homegirl can not sing to save her life but she still tries. I feel bad that she is no longer friends with NeNe but Sheree stepped in to be her new bff and all I have to say is watch your back Kim. Sheree looks like she would cut you with the heel of her Louboutins in a second if you cross her. But Kim, I love you, but you need to fix that mess of a wig/weave. It looks like straw and we know it's fake, and not even a good fake.

3. Intervention On Demand: Addicting. If you have On Demand, please watch Episode 68 or 69. The one with the girl that huffs the computer duster spray. Best. Episode. Ever. My friend laughs at me because I always have some wine while watching this show, especially if it's about alcoholics.

4. Laundry: I hate it, need I say more?

I am going to try to finish some more of my book tonight, but then again the season premiere of Top Chef New York comes on at 10. I don't think I will be able to restrain myself. Wish me luck!


Miles said...

I have only seen snippets of the Real Housewives of Hotlanta but if the other shows are anything like it, they would lead me to drinking or reading.

Kim looks like a nasty tranny hooker and here singing sounds like a cat strangling, all time. I liked the one with the voice coach, it gave us a glimpse of just how delirious she is.

Vodka Mom said...

okay, am i allowed to admit here that I LOVE the Housewives of Atlanta! And jesus, someone tell Kim she sounds like an injured bull moose when she sings.......