Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Kid is AWESOME!!!

Last night after work I took The Kid with me to vote. No line, got right in and to the poll. The officials wouldn't let my son actually touch the machine so he watched as I did. Then after we were done voting, he asked where the president was. I told him that we are electing a new one and that he is very busy and that we can see him on tv. His response...

"Well, I think if we are voting for him then he should be here to meet us."

Good point on his part. So while we are leaving he proceeds to tell the people on their way in that they need to "Be sure to vote because it's time for a change in this country." I swear I do not know where he get's this from. Okay. It's me.

So since it only took us 6 minutes to vote, I figured we would drive down to see my grandparents. On the way down we listened to the AC/DC channel so he could rock out, then listened to some Beastie Boys. As soon as we walk in to their house and get upstairs he yells perfectly "Hey Ladies, Get Funky!" It was fucking AWESOME!!! I have never been more proud! My grandmother had no clue what was going on and just went about making a sandwich.

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Miles said...

The fact that your son has overcome tremendous peer pressure like the Jonas Brothers and High School Musical and listens to AC DC and knows the words to Hey Ladies is a strong testament to you and your husband's parenting. Now if you can only get him to sing "Dirty Girl" to Old Whore, you'd be all set.