Monday, November 24, 2008


I finally finished my book! I feel so much better now that I actually did it. I know, it seemed like it took forever.

I saw Twilight this weekend and loved everything about it except Kristen Stewart. I think she is just annoying. If she could breathe normally and without looking like she is going to vomit, I would have been a very happy girl. I went with my bff and we were the oldest people in the theater by at least 10 years. We were SURROUNDED by tweens, it was horrible. They clapped and talked during the WHOLE movie. The best part about it was after the movie was over, my friend and I went to go to a bar to watch the Terps kick ass in basketball. All the little girls were saying how they were going to get ice cream until their friends parents picked them up so they can get ripped off of some Goldschlager. Did I mention that it was 28 degrees here Friday night so naturally I would have gone for ice cream too, losers. So my friend and I, being the assholes that we are, stated very loudly that we were going to go get some beers. The tweens pouted. Me - 1, Tweens - 0.

Okay, I am working from home today so naturally I am in front of the TV since we JUST got HD last week. I know, we are behind. For some reason I turned on The View and it reminded me how much I HATE Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Whoopi was trying to say something and it took her 5 whole minutes to get out one sentence because Elisabeth kept interrupting her. BTW, love the HD. I even got a friend to hook up the Xbox 360 in HD and Guitar Hero looks awesome! I think I may play some Tiger Woods golf tonight just to see how it looks. OMG Tony Bennett looks HORRIBLE in HD. I know he's old but good god.

Time to do some laundry. I have about 8 loads to fold so naturally I am procrastinating. Oh, I totally forgot. My white trash neighbors moved!!! I am so excited that my hallway won't reek of smoke anymore and I won't see her standing in her muu muu to get the mail. I just feel bad for their kids, they smoke in front of them all the time, in their place, at the playground, while taking a walk, you name it. I am going to miss coming up the street and see them hanging out on their sofa in FRONT of their garage, on the street itself.


Marinka said...

For some reason, I could never watch more than 3 minutes of the View. All the cross-talking makes me insane.

Congrats on finishing the book!

Vodka Mom said...

The View? Makes me want to hit someone. Usually it's you know who. (She's not a democrat.)