Friday, December 5, 2008

Fuddruckers, bringing "fuckers" to the masses

Wednesday night was a fundraising night at Fuddruckers for the kid's school. We went even though we pay for him to go to this school. Why they have fundraisers, I am not sure, but all I knew was that I wouldn't be cooking dinner that night and that made me very happy. So we go as the happy little family we are. We order our food and then sit and wait for them to call our name when it's ready.

While we are waiting, I think I hear the guy say "Fuckers customer Bonnie, your food is ready." I tilt my head thinking that I could not have possibly heard him say fuckers, just said Fuddruckers fast, I just know it. My man sees the head tilt (I tend to do that while thinking) and says "Did you just hear that? It sounded like he said f-er" (we try not to curse around the kid). I say yes but clearly we heard him wrong. Besides, there is no possible way that he can get away with it twice and it just sounded like fucker because we have warped minds.

"Fuckers customer Nichols. Your food is ready"

Head tilt again, we both look at each other, laugh like we are 12 since mentally we are, then think how wrong it is that this guy is saying fucker in front of a ton of little kids. One of the mothers of a kid in his class came over to us and asked if we had heard what the guy was saying. Now it was confirmed. We said yes and she asked us if we thought it was as funny as she did. Of course we do! We live for stupid shit like this to happen. Innappropriate language? Check. Children hearing it? Check. The jackass is neither one of us? Check.

But don't worry. The kid didn't pick up on what the guy was saying, he just wanted to go play the arcade games.


Miles said...

That is a priceless moment at Fuddruckers, congratulations. I wonder how long that person will be employed there? Not everyone has a great sense of humor like you and your husband, unfortunately.

Johnny Appseed FUuhh-uuhckers said...

Ha one comment, I wonder if that guy has a job. Cool Miles, maybe you can look the guy up and see if they fired him. I'm incredo high and came across this, it's funny. Do you ever wonder how blogs exist? 99.9% of people in the world don't give a fuck about anything anyone has to say most of the time, they are usually just like "when is this asshole going to stop talking." For some reason tho, if its put to them in the form of a mini newspaper they will read it, and care.